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50 Year Anniversary Allied Steel Company NY, NJ, NYC

Over the last 50+ years we have worked hard on our visions and building the Allied Steel Company into New Jersey, New York and New York City #1 Best Steel steel supplier. All steel and metal services and machinery are located in a steel warehouse. As a highly competitive and custom steel fabricator with diverse metal fabrication capabilities we assure each order is completed to spec and delivered to your door or job site. Our Express Prime Delivery assures prompt on-time delivery of your steel and metal orders. 


Allied Steel, one of the best and lowest cost New York & New Jersey Steel Distributors and Fabricators of Steel Products and Steel Services announces new answers to all of your questions about Steel, Steel Services, Steel Products. Visit any of the below Allied Steel 7 categories of Steel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

Allied Steel FAQ's will allow you to quickly and easily find answers to all your Steel questions. Simply Click the specific Steel FAQ Category that best fits your question(s), you will be taken directly to that group of Steel Questions and Answers.

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4, Steel Services (Includes 18 Steel Services FAQ's)
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A Flitch Plate also known as a Flitch Beam is a Carbon Steel Plate with multiple holes in a sequential pattern, that is put between or sandwiched between two wood beams and then bolted all together to create a much stronger beam. In some cases two Flitch plates are used to sandwich a wood beam. This is done sometimes in the basement of houses during a renovation, when a Lally Column is removed to create a more open space. The removal of a lally column increases the existing wood beam load span beyond the original design and capacity. The installation of a Flitch Plate or Flitch Beam increases the strength and carrying load of an existing beam, as needed due to the removal of the lally column. To determine what type and size flitch Plate would be needed, requires the calculations of an architectural engineer.

A Splice Plate is a Steel plate used to connect two pieces of steel. The point where two pieces of steel are to be joined is called the splice point. This connection is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of the two original connecting pieces. This splicing technique is the choice for many situations, such as creating a beam to span a very long length where no standard beams are available that would be long enough. Once the pieces of steel or beams are in position to be joined, the splice plate is put over the splice, centered for equal length on either side of the splice joint, then bolted into to place to created a super strong connection. In many cases it will be required to also weld the outer edge of the splice plate to ensure a high strength connection.

A Lintel, also known as a Header beam, is used in structures to span openings horizontally and to support weight. They are used structurally over windows, doors and fireplaces or to span between two columns or piers such as with a portal. Lintels are a load bearing structural support used in the construction of homes, buildings and other structures, usually made of wood, concrete or steel. Lintels are not only structurally functional, but can also be used to enhance the architectural appearance of a structure.

Waler Beams are used in construction as a holding clamp or support bracket for steel sheet pile walls and or concrete forms. A waler beam, also spelled whaler, or known as a wale beam, was designed for use in the construction of retaining wall systems using sheet piles or reinforced concrete beams, to help transfer weight loads equally across the wall between tie rod connections. The beams are placed and positioned horizontally across the area that needs reinforcement. Once in the correct position with the tie rods passed through the waler, steel washer plates are installed at the end of each tie rod, to lock down and secure the waler in place. A waler beam is also used for a temporary reinforcement brace on concrete steel forms, to keep the steel form from moving, buckling or bulging during the newly poured concrete process, until the concrete sets in place. These Walers are constructed and fabricated either using structural steel channel sections that are fabricated back to back with a space between them to accept a tie rod pass through, or by drilling structural beam sections for the same application.

Miter cut is made from various sheet or plate thicknesses in various shapes. It is used in construction to provide a stop or barrier when concrete is being poured into specific areas, such as a floor framed out of steel Decking of a newly constructed building. Formed Pour Stop is produced from flat metal such as Carbon Steel, Galvanized steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Using a Press Brake machine, flat metal is bent into various angles, channels, z-channels and other custom shapes to meet the desired need or application. The Pour stop is then installed, usually by welding around the perimeter of the area that will be accepting the concrete pour. Once installed, the Pour Stop creates the end point or barrier that holds the concrete in place.

A Caisson is a watertight structure used to work on foundations under water. These structures are made of Carbon Steel and ultimately filled with concrete to create a concrete pile. Caissons are used in various types of construction of Bridge foundations on riverbeds. 

Stair Pans are used in the construction of Stairs. A Stair pan is the description of a stair tread that is formed into a pan that will accept a concrete fill. A Stair pan is formed out of sheet steel or plate, by a press brake machine, into a u-shape pan approximately 1-1/2 to 2 inches deep, and then these pans are sandwiched and welded or bolted between channel stringers to create a Staircase. The pans are then filled with concrete to complete the construction process. This type of construction is called open riser stairs and could be used for architectural purposes or for outdoor applications, for ease of clearing off snow. In many cases the pans are formed with the rear flange extending upward to reach the next stair pan, creating a closed riser staircase.

A Stair Tread is also formed out of sheet steel, plate or Diamond plate or Checker plate into a z-shape with the front flange bent down and the rear flange bent up. These treads are also sandwiched, welded or bolted between two stringer channels. Typically these treads would get a wood tread bolted to them for a rustic look unless they are made out of Diamond plate or Checker Plate that provide an industrial look as well as a non-skid surface.

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