50 Year Anniversary Allied Steel Company NY, NJ, NYC

Over the last 50+ years we have worked hard on our visions and building the Allied Steel Company into New Jersey, New York and New York City #1 Best Steel steel supplier. All steel and metal services and machinery are located in a steel warehouse. As a highly competitive and custom steel fabricator with diverse metal fabrication capabilities we assure each order is completed to spec and delivered to your door or job site. Our Express Prime Delivery assures prompt on-time delivery of your steel and metal orders. 

Steel - Metal Services by Allied Steel Company are comprehensive and extensive. Our Metal & Steel Services are available for all NY, NJ, NYC contractors, builders, homeowners, restoration companies, building companies, construction, etc.

Below is Allied Steel Company's comprehensive list of Steel and Metal services with Links to additional information and detail as well as corresponding video, form our extensive Video Library for each of our Steel and Metal Services.

Allied Steel Cutting Services
New York, New Jersey, New York City

Allied Steel is a steel and aluminum metal product supplier for NJ and NYC, doing business for over 50 years. Our steel company is considered the most reliable metal supermarket, supplying New Jersey, all of New York State, and New York City. Allied Steel supplies and provides sheet metal, steel plate, structural steel shapes, metal diamond plate, pipe, and tubing in different metals, including Steel, Stainless steel, and Aluminum. We are the only steel company in the NJ/NY Metropolitan area that consistently offers the most dependable metal supply, including various metal fabrication services with delivery via our Express Prime Delivery Service 365 days a year.

The need for material shearing cut to size steel/metal sheet and plate is more than ever, and no one does it better than Allied Steel. With over 50 years of experience in the steel fabrication and metal supply industry, our professionals know how to satisfy our customers and keep them coming back for more. Contractors, Construction Companies, and Manufactures seeking consistent quality metal materials cutting services such as steel and metal shearing have always struggled to find a reliable steel supply company to service them. There's no need to look any further; the #1 Steel Fabrication company Allied Steel brings generations of experience and 100's excellent reviews on Google. Please do due diligence regarding the Allied Steel Company, and you'll discover Allied Steel has outstanding customer service! NYC and NJ's most responsive metal fabricators employ only highly experienced true steel fabrication experts. Our Steel Company has the distinction of achieving the best ratings (4.8, 200+ reviews) of any steel company on Google. You'll always come away with a stellar purchasing experience like no other company they have ever dealt with before. 


Processing steel sheet, plate, and structural steel shapes with holes are in higher demand than in the past, and completing punch fabrication jobs and getting them delivered to your job site on time is more critical than ever! Working with a reliable steel fabricator that cares and provides results supplying finished quality steel on time is what local NJ contractors need and highly value the most. Quality fabricated steel and metal products produced quickly meeting our customer's completion deadlines are what we focus on day in and day out

Watch our Video on Metal & Steel Punching.

New Jersey, New York City, New York

In New York City and New Jersey, steel and metal fabrication services are in extraordinary demand. Quality finished cut plate steel products delivered on time are more critical than ever. Steel fabrication of cut-to-size metal plate using the burning process involves high-temperature flame cutting that cuts thru steel like butter, leaving an exceptionally smooth edge. Fabricating accurate cut to size steel plates takes years of experience and expert steel fabricators to produce high-quality finished goods consistently; where else can you get over 50 years of experience? We have been cutting and processing steel plates for NJ and NYC, builders, construction companies, and contractors at Allied Steel for more than 50 years.

New York City, New Jersey, New York

Cutting quality steel and metal accurately and consistently presents many production challenges, making steel and metal plasma cutting a great option when fabricating high-quality metal products. Precision metal cutting with a high level of quality done efficiently and accurately is what every manufacturer needs. We own and operate two Koike Plasma cutting machines at Allied Steel equipped with the latest state-of-the-art plasma cutting heads. These Koike Plasma cutting machines have precision cutting capabilities of very thin steel sheet products up to a 3/4" plate. Driven by the latest computerized CAD technology, customers can send their needed parts files, or Allied Steel can draw them to your specifications.


Bending and forming steel, including specialty metal products, are greater demand. Quality metal fabrication and attentive customer service, and a steel supply company that cares are even more challenging to find. The Allied Steel Company has risen to the call from NJ and NYC construction companies, builders, and contractors as a reliable, responsive metal fabrication and supply company. Allied Steel, a steel fabrication company, invariably gets the job done on time and at competitive prices. Producing accurate formed metal products consistently on time is not an easy task. We have supplied New Jersey, New York State, and New York City construction companies, commercial and residential contractors, manufacturers, maintenance repair, and specialty companies at the Allied Steel Company for over 50 years.

New Jersey - New York, Pennsylvania, New York City

Working with reliable steel professionals, Allied Steel ensures you get quality fabricated metal products combined with outstanding customer service every time you place an order. Delivering quality steel and metal products on time and long-lasting building relationships with our valued customers is why Allied Steel is celebrating more than 50 years serving NJ, NY, and NYC! Being recognized as New Jersey's most reliable steel supplier and quality custom steel fabricators doesn't come easily by any stretch of the imagination. 

New York, New Jersey, New York City
Dependable steel/metal welding services are critically important to all contractors, construction companies, and builders in NJ and NYC. Allied Steel has provided metal welding services and reliable metal product fabrication for more than 50 years to the NY and NJ area's major construction companies and countless independent contractors. Most important today and most valued for these companies are having a great relationship with reliable steel and metal supply companies that consistently deliver on their promises and on time.

Steel/Metal Services NY, NJ, NYC contractors, builders, homeowners, restoration companies, building companies, construction, and more.NY, NJ, NYC

Steel Services Metal Services New Jersey - New York, Pennsylvania, New York City

Welding -Steel Services Metal Services New Jersey - New York, Pennsylvania, New York City

Steel Product

NJ/NY Steel Products 
Structual Steel Shapes, Metal/Steel Diamond Plate,Steel Flat Plate, Steel, Stainless Steel Flat Sheet 

Steel Services

New Jersey Steel and Metal Forming Services
A36 Angle bending, Rear Corner posts, Metal Stair Treads, Metal channel bending Flitch plates

Custom Steel Fabricators

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Why Allied Steel?
Allied Steel of New Jersey and New York, full service steel company

What type of Metal or Steel Project do you have? Allied Steel to the rescue!

Is Your Metal or Steel Project A
Homeowner Project?

Homeowner or Residential Steel or Metal Project? From the smallest to the largest or most complicated, Allied Steel is here to help! We supply custom fabricated metal and steel for your Home or Condo!

Is Your Metal or Steel Project A
Commercial Project?

Builders, Contractors, Commercial Steel or Metal Project? Allied Steel Custom Fabricated Steel, Aluminum, Metal for your projects. Size does not matter! As large as the World Trade Center, Hospitals & more!

Is Your Metal or Steel Project A
Custom Fabrication Project?

Allied Steel specializes in Custom Steel and Metal Fabrication. Any shape metal or steel, any size project. Allied is your place. Custom Fabricated Compnay. Supplying  hundreds of Builders and Contractors!

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Steel/Metal Services by Allied Steel, NJ, NY, NYC

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