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Entertainment and Set Building

Quality and Precision for Entertainment and Set Building

In New York City, entertainment and set building is a vital part of the city. Countless movies and TV shows such as American Gangster, The Joker, Law and Order, and The Sopranos have created sets and have filmed in the bustling streets of New York City. This has required studios to construct movie sets in different parts of the city to fit the narrative of what they are filming. As a steel supply and fabrication company, we facilitate these movie and TV sets by providing steel and custom fabricated pieces so they can bring their ideas to life. This industry thrives on creativity, innovation, and precision. That is why we work closely with individuals from the movie industry to provide them exactly what they are looking for to make the filming set perfect. From Broadway productions to movies and television shows, this complex industry features a variety of activities, including set design, construction, staging, and production management.

This industry relies heavily on steel with custom-built structures and props to create intricate sets. Being renowned as a global entertainment capital, New York City draws top talent, making it a center for creativity and artistic expression in the entertainment industry. By providing unbelievable service and top quality steel products, we have become fortunate to be a part of some of the largest movies and TV shows filmed in NYC.

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Type of Steel Used In This Industry


Custom Plasma Cut Parts

Grade 50 Steel Plate

Grade 36 Steel Plate

Round Bar

Schedule 40 and 80 Pipe

Sheet Metal

Square Bar

Top Railing Moldings

Wide Flange Beams

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“I recommend this company without reservation. They are a terrific organization. We fabricate special effects for the film industry in New York. Allied's ability to respond to our demanding requirements rapidly is what has us returning again and again. They are great under pressure and with short deadlines. I especially would recommend speaking to Lou Calderon, the general manager. He is knowledgeable and professional. We have utilized their fabricating services to great success.”

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