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Transportation and Shipping

Quality and Precision for Transportation and Shipping

The transportation and shipping industries are responsible for a large portion of the imports and exports in the United States. These industries facilitate products and services globally through transportation infrastructure like trucks, container ships, ports, and airports for efficient loading and unloading of goods.

We service the shipping and transportation industries by providing steel parts for a variety of uses. An example includes fabricating sheet metal to create custom steel parts for truck chassis repairs. Truck chassis tend to rust and require certain parts to be replaced over time. We plasma cut sheet metal with custom slots, holes and cutouts which we can then bend the pieces to match parts that were worn out or broken. Additionally, we custom bend sheet metal parts for shipping containers, which deteriorate over time due to exposure to harsh outdoor environments. We also fabricate custom steel parts to replace worn-out components on intermodal shipping containers.

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Type of Steel Used In This Industry

A36, AR400, A572 and A588 Plates

Angles and Angle Clips

Bottom Rail


Container Fork Tunnel

Cross Members

Door Header

Front Bottom Rail

Front Corner Post

Gooseneck Tunnel Rail

Header Beams

Inner Starter Panel

Rear Bottom Rail

Rear Corner Post

Rear Corner Post Assembly

Reinforcement Angles

Reinforcement Plates

Rear Corner Post

Rear Corner Post Assembly

Roof Header Plates

Square Bar

Steel Diamond Plate

Steel Kingpin Plates

Steel Plate

Structural Steel

Top Rail

Tunnel Rail

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