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Meet our Team

Donald G. DeFaria Sr.


November 14, 1935 – November 15, 2020

Donald G. DeFaria Sr. is the Founder of Allied Steel, a steel distribution and fabrication company in Newark, NJ.

In 1959, Donald ventured into entrepreneurship with a waste hauling business with his brother. Donald founded Porta-Can Steel, a waste container manufacturing company, on July 28, 1969.  He navigated the company through success in the industry until the late 1980s.

Facing challenges in the late 1980s, his son Donald Jr. joined the business. Donald Jr. was highly influenced by his father’s vast knowledge, unmatched work ethic, and his underlying philosophy to always treat the customer as you would want to be treated.

By the mid-1990s, together they established Allied Metal Industries, also known as Allied Steel. Despite facing the Great Recession of the 21st century, Donald Sr. provided his wisdom, financial support, and daily humor, ensuring the company’s growth. Don Sr.’s famous reassuring quotes to Don Jr. during company tough times was, “Don’t worry kid. We will make it through this and be in the chips again.”

Donald G. DeFaria Sr., the founding father and chairman of the board, left a lasting legacy of comfort, support, and stability. He contributed significantly to Allied Steel becoming a recognized leader in the steel fabrication and supply business serving the NJ, NY, and Metropolitan area. This tribute honors his invaluable contributions.

Donald G. DeFaria Jr.

President & Chief Operating Officer

Donald G. DeFaria Jr. is the President and Chief Operating Officer at Allied Steel. With a lifetime immersed in the steel industry, he began working alongside his father, Donald Sr., at a very young age. His education focused on various facets of economics, business administration, accounting, sales, marketing, and production management.

Starting from the ground up, Donald Jr. gained hands-on experience in every aspect of the business. His father’s mantra, to always treat customers how you want to be treated, became the cornerstone of his work ethic.

Through hard work and dedication, Donald Jr. enhanced his skills in fabrication and welding, eventually expanding the company’s capabilities. Allied Steel has grown into a reputable supplier and fabricator, known for its reliability and quality, under the leadership of Donald Jr.

Outside of Allied Steel, Donald enjoys high-performance sports cars, music, and hiking in nature.

Alexandra DeFaria

Controller & Director of Marketing

Alex DeFaria is the Controller and Marketing Director at Allied Steel. She holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and initially pursued a career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

After embarking on a career change, Alex trained and transitioned into the position of Controller and Marketing Director at Allied Steel, all while maintaining a side practice as a Speech-Language Pathologist. With a passion for both finance and helping others, Alex brings a unique perspective and valuable expertise to our team.

Known for her strong communication skills, great critical thinking abilities, and flexibility, Alex excels in her role, contributing significantly to Allied Steel. Outside of work, Alex enjoys hiking through trails and embracing the outdoors. She has a love for music and spending time with animals.

Nicholas DeFaria

Sales Representative & Director of Operations

Nick DeFaria, currently in sales and operations at Allied Steel, began his journey with the company at a young age in the factory, where he learned the ins and outs of the steel fabrication industry from his father, Don Jr. He pursued higher education, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance from The Ohio State University.

Following college, Nick initially had plans to pursue a career as a financial advisor. However, he realized it wasn’t the right fit for him and returned to Allied Steel for a role in sales and operations. Through his years of experience of working in the factory, Nick began to quickly learn the operations and apply his business knowledge to the company. He now plays a pivotal role in sales, customer service, production, overseeing quality control, and facility maintenance.

He is dedicated to encouraging the growth and excellence of the company. Beyond the workplace, Nick enjoys high performance cars, snowboarding, and going to the gym.

Lou Calderon

Senior Sales Representative

Lou Calderon, Senior Sales Representative at Allied Steel, began his career in beverage distribution, where he perfected his customer service skills, warehouse management, and product distribution expertise.

Recognized for his leadership, Lou began overseeing operations in northern New Jersey and after only 2 years, he quickly rose to Warehouse Manager. In 1996, he joined Allied Steel, bringing his vast knowledge and experience to oversee various aspects of the business.

For 26 years, Lou served as the Plant Manager at Allied Steel. His dedication and leadership have played a crucial role in shaping Allied Steel’s success. In 2023, Lou moved to a new state, assuming the position of Senior Sales Representative. He continues to embrace new challenges to propel the company forward.

Dan Connolly

Sales Manager

Dan Connolly, Sales Manager at Allied Steel, began his journey in the steel industry in 1978 at a prominent steel distributor and plate processor in northern New Jersey. Dan started in the shipping department and eventually transitioned to sales.

He became the company’s top-selling salesperson and ultimately ascended to the role of Sales Manager. He perfected his skills in blueprint reading, material take-offs, and estimating labor and pricing for steel and fabrication projects.

In 2005, Dan joined Allied Steel, infusing the team with his professionalism and deep industry knowledge. His quick rise to sales manager highlighted his essential role in Allied Steel’s accomplishments.

Today, with 42 years of experience in sales and management, Dan continues to lead sales efforts at Allied Steel, contributing significantly to its reputation as the premier steel company in the Tri-state area. Beyond his professional endeavors, Dan enjoys fishing, hiking, and traveling.

David Villamar

Sales Representative & Plant Supervisor

David Villamar is a Sales Representative and Plant Supervisor at Allied Steel. He began his journey in the construction industry in the early 2000s, where he refined his skills in framing houses and installing roofs for nearly five years.

In 2007, David joined Allied Steel as a warehouse helper, swiftly mastering various skills required in steel fabrication and metal supply. Over the years, David excelled in operating cutting machines, handling distribution, and contributing to all facets of warehouse operations.

With his dedication and expertise, David also ventured into sales, consistently delivering value to our clients. He continues to oversee distribution operations and remains committed to the growth and excellence of Allied Steel.

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