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In the Keystone State, Allied Steel is your reliable ally, addressing the needs of a diverse range of counties.

Serving Counties:

Bucks County

Chester County

Delaware County

Montgomery County

Philadelphia County

Bronx, Bronx County

We support projects in the Bronx by supplying structural steel components in restoration and renovations of public schools, rental units, data centers, and more.

Brooklyn, Kings County

From construction workers building skyscrapers and residential towers, to architectural enhancements and infrastructure improvements, we supply and fabricate steel for these projects.

Long Island

As a steel provider in this area, we play a vital role in helping to drive economic growth and development across numerous commercial, residential and infrastructure projects.

Manhattan, New York County

We provide essential steel services and products to businesses throughout the city. Whether it’s supplying steel for skyscrapers, architectural landmarks, or transportation networks, we do it all.

New York City

We are proud to supply custom-fabricated steel and metal for New York City commercial and residential projects.

Other New York Locations

Allied Steel services many other cities throughout the state of New York.

Queens County

Allied Steel is Queens' top supplier and fabricator of steel products that contractors use on a day-to-day basis. We fabricate and deliver what is needed for businesses in this community.

Staten Island, Richmond County

There are many ongoing projects aimed at improving transportation and public schools in this area. Allied Steel can provide contractors in Staten Island with a wide variety of structural steel and more.

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