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Precision Drilling for Custom Openings

In the world of steel fabrication, drilling services play a crucial role in creating precise openings and holes in steel components. Allied Steel offers advanced drilling services designed to meet the diverse needs of construction, manufacturing, and structural engineering projects.

We are equipped to drill various materials, such as sheet metal, steel plate, and structural steel shapes. Drilling is essential for creating openings in structural steel parts that are used in bridges, building frameworks, and other large-scale structures.

Our tolerance for this service is +/- 1/16”

Allied Steel Drilling Products



Flitch Plates

Flitch Beams

Flat bar

Steel Pipe

Steel Plate

Sheet Metal


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“I bought a fitch plate for my home reno this past summer. Customer service was great, product delivered on time and was just as ordered. I would order from Allied Steel again.”

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