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Excavation and Utility

Quality and Precision for Excavation and Utility

The excavation and utility industry plays a crucial role in infrastructure of transportation, communication, and public services in the United States. From the construction of roads and bridges, to the maintenance and repair of utility lines, this industry is responsible for the development, maintenance, and management of these important infrastructure systems. Without this industry, we would not have a functioning society.

Here at Allied Steel, we extend our fabrication services and supply chain to service this vital industry. Some examples include supplying steel plates and beams that are used in the shoring process when installing pipelines, gas lines, and telecommunication cables. This is a very common use as trenching and shoring is involved with most excavation and utility jobs to provide safety and security when working inside of the trenches. Additionally, steel plates are placed on top of pipelines and electrical lines underground to prevent accidental damage during future excavation. We also fabricate steel bollards which use Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 pipes that are installed to stick out of the ground to prevent vehicles from crashing into electrical components or gas storage tanks that are above ground.

Excavation equipment uses steel such as AR400 and AR500 which are designed for abrasion and wear resistant applications. Moreover, we are the most responsive steel fabricator and supplier when it comes to emergency response utility companies. Emergency situations such as gas leaks, water main breaks, power outages and beyond may require structural steel or steel plates. If your company has a utility emergency, we will fabricate custom steel parts faster than any company in New Jersey to aid in service restoration and prompt repairs.

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Type of Steel Used In This Industry

AR400 Plate

AR450 Plate

AR500 Plate

Bent Plate

Custom Steel Brackets

Grade 50 Steel Plate

Grade A36 Steel Plate

Galvanized Sheet Metal

H-Pile Beams

Plasma Cut Steel Plate


Round Bar

Square Bar

Steel Diamond Plate

Wide Flange Beams

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