50 Year Anniversary Allied Steel Company NY, NJ, NYC

Over the last 50+ years we have worked hard on our visions and building the Allied Steel Company into New Jersey, New York and New York City #1 Best Steel steel supplier. All steel and metal services and machinery are located in a steel warehouse. As a highly competitive and custom steel fabricator with diverse metal fabrication capabilities we assure each order is completed to spec and delivered to your door or job site. Our Express Prime Delivery assures prompt on-time delivery of your steel and metal orders. 

Steel Fabrication, Steel Plates NJ NY NYC

Steel Fabrication, Steel Fabrication, Steel Plates 

Allied Steel, Steel Burning A36 Steel Plate Fabricator NJ & NY, NYC

Allied Steel, Steel Burning A36 Steel Plate Fabricator NJ & NY, NYC

Steel Burning - Plate Burning Allied Steel New Jersey, New York

Steel Burning - Allied Steel New Jersey and New York

Steel Burning. Oxy Fuel Cutting -Allied Steel NJ NYC NY

Steel Burning. Heavy Plate, Oxy Fuel Cutting -Allied Steel NYC/NJ/NY

Steel Burning. Oxy Fuel Cutting -Allied Steel NYC/NJ/NY

Allied Steel, Burning Headsg - Steel Burning Services NJ/NY/NYC

New Jersey, New York City, New York

In New York City and New Jersey, steel and metal fabrication services are in extraordinary demand. Quality finished cut plate steel products delivered on time are more critical than ever. Steel fabrication of cut-to-size metal plate using the burning process involves high-temperature flame cutting that cuts thru steel like butter, leaving an exceptionally smooth edge. Fabricating accurate cut to size steel plates takes years of experience and expert steel fabricators to produce high-quality finished goods consistently; where else can you get over 50 years of experience? We have been cutting and processing steel plates for NJ and NYC, builders, construction companies and contractors at Allied Steel for more than 50 years. With Allied Steel's two Koike Aronson Gantry cutting machines with a capacity to cut 10'x45' and up to 6" thick, driven by the latest computerized CAD technology, customers can send digital part files, or Allied Steel can draw them up to your exact specification. Flame cutting is an excellent option for producing custom steel plate products, and we are exceptionally good at it. 

We have learned a thing or two over the last five decades about the challenges the plate burning fabrication process presents. Quality burning and cutting are dependent on many changing variables, including the burning or cutting machine used and its upkeep, metal material chemistry, material grade, and metal and steel material thickness. Our highly trained team of expert fabricators follows a disciplined machine maintenance schedule to ensure all of our steel fabricating equipment is held to the industry's highest standard. Our daily mission is to produce quality finished goods on time and deliver them to your job site on time, every time. 

Today, more than ever, local building companies and contractors, commercial contractors, residential contractors, and maintenance repair companies value a steel supplier. They rely on a steel supply company to provide rapid access to quality cut-to-size plate steel fabricated to their exact specifications while delivering their steel and metal order daily. That's what we do here at Allied Steel, supply our customers the materials they need when they need them at competitive pricing with better flexibility than any other steel company they have ever dealt with. 
The Allied Steel Company offers flexible fabrication and delivery schedules to accommodate our customers and meet your schedule, accommodating all deadlines. You could say we are the ideal steel company that cares about getting you the finished cut steel where and when you need it. Our steel sales staff is welcoming, professional, and friendly and responds quickly to your plate cutting requests, and is committed to providing only the best customer service in the steel industry! Allied Steel is a family-owned and operated steel and metal fabrication and supply company that continuously communicates with our clients and makes the custom steel purchasing experience the best they will ever find

Undeniable value, responsive steel customer service, quality steel, steel fabrication, scheduling, and delivery flexibility, are all reasons why Allied Steel constantly wins the trust of countless building companies, contractors, and manufacturers. These establishments know they'll be doing business with NY/NJ/NYC most reliable steel fabricator and metal supplier; they've learned that they can rely on us day in and day out! Building long-lasting relationships with our clients are why we have celebrated more than half-century servicing NJ and NYC and supplying all their steel cutting needs. 

The Allied Steel Company motto is "You Have A Need, We Respond, The Job Gets Done!" Yes, it's that simple, we are the best at what we do; we live, eat and breathe steel and metal! Allied continuously aspires to provide value to our clients make purchasing custom steel cut to size plate metal easy, quick, and reassuring. The best reasons you'll work with the most reliable steel fabrication and metal supply companies in New Jersey, New York, and New York City. 

Call or email our sales staff to experience a steel supplier like no other. Experience the Allied Difference!

Allied Steel Flame Cutting Products include:

• Custom Burnouts
 • Custom Steel Plates
 • A36 Steel Caisson Plates
 • Metal Machine Parts
• Metal Drain Plates
• A36 Steel Flitch Plates
• Steel Weldment Plates
• A709 Bridge Plates
• Steel Diamond Plates
• A786 Steel Floor Plates
• Corten Steel –A588 Washer Plate
• A36 Steel Base Plates
• Steel and Metal Side Plates
• A36 Steel Anchor Plates
• Steel Connection Plates
• A572 Web Plates
• Flange Plates
• Steel Washer Plates
• A36 Bearing Plates
• Domestic Carbon Steel
• A786 Diamond plate
• A36 Steel Truss Plates
• A36 Steel Discs
• Steel Flitch Beams
• Double Channel Walers
• A572 Steel H Pile Plates
• Road Plates
• OD-ID Burnouts
• Steel Stiffener Plates
• Custom Steel Gusset Plates
• A588 High Strength Low Alloy Plates
• A572 Steel Truss Plates

Steel Welding Services Certified Welders


"We have been Flame Cutting and Burning Steel Plates for NJ and NYC contractors at Allied Steel for over 50 years"


"In New York City and New Jersey, steel and metal fabrication services are in extraordinary demand."

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Welding Fabrication Allied Steel NJ NYC NY
50th Anniversary, Allied Steel Company NJ, NYC, NY

New Jersey, New York City, New York

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Structual Steel Shapes, Metal/Steel Diamond Plate,Steel Flat Plate, Steel, Stainless Steel Flat Sheet 

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New Jersey Steel and Metal Forming Services
A36 Angle bending, Rear Corner posts, Metal Stair Treads, Metal channel bending Flitch plates

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Allied Steel, New Jersey and MNw York #1 Steel and Metal Plate Burning.

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