50 Year Anniversary Allied Steel Company NY, NJ, NYC

Over the last 50+ years we have worked hard on our visions and building the Allied Steel Company into New Jersey, New York and New York City #1 Best Steel steel supplier. All steel and metal services and machinery are located in a steel warehouse. As a highly competitive and custom steel fabricator with diverse metal fabrication capabilities we assure each order is completed to spec and delivered to your door or job site. Our Express Prime Delivery assures prompt on-time delivery of your steel and metal orders. 

Steel Saw Cutting, Cut Angle Iron. Allied Steel New Jersey

Steel Saw Cutting, Cut Angel Iron. Allied Steel NJ, NYC, NY

Allied Steel, Custom Cut Steel Tubing, Miter Cut NJ , NYC, NY. A36 Steel Supplier

Allied Steel, Custom Cut Steel Tubing, Miter Cut 

Allied Steel, Steel Flat Bars Cut, New Jersey New York

Allied Steel, Steel Flat Bars Cut, New Jersey, New York New York City

Allied Steel, NJ /NY Structural Steel I beams cut to size - NYC Structural Steel Fabricators I Beams, New York, New Jersey, New York City

Allied Steel, Structural Steel I-Beams cut to size. Structural Steel Fabricators. NY, NJ, NYC

Steel Angel Iron Cut. Allied Steel NJ/NY/NYC – Sheet Fabricator

Steel Angel Iron Cut. Allied Steel NJ/NY/NYC . Metal & Steel Cutting

New Jersey - New York, Pennsylvania, New York City

Working with reliable steel professionals, Allied Steel ensures you get quality fabricated metal products combined with outstanding customer service every time you place an order. Delivering quality steel and metal products on time and building long-lasting relationships with our valued customers is why Allied Steel is celebrating more than 50 years serving NJ, NY and NYC! Being recognized as New Jersey's most reliable steel supplier and quality custom steel fabricators doesn't come easily by any stretch of the imagination. 
Consistent quality steel fabrication requires highly trained professional metal fabricators and precision metal fabrication equipment. With Allied Steel's two Hyd-Mech Band Saws with premium Bimetal cutting blades, one for Universal cutting up to 18" sq. for low volume piece counts and the other for full-scale production saw cutting provides accurate finished cut to size structural steel/metal products for various industries, including commercial and residential construction, marine construction, restoration & preservation, transportation, underground utility, manufacturing, and maintenance repair. We process cut to size jobs from 1 piece to hundreds of pieces. Most steel contractors and construction companies typically request standard 90-degree steel saw cut to size. 
Our Saw Cutting department fabricates metal orders, though as requested by our steel clients. However, many construction companies, contractors, restoration companies, and metal fabrication companies require miter cutting of structural metal or even an entirely different type of metal/steel cut. Allied Steel can miter cut your structural metal products to your exact specification every time. Square tubing and rectangular tubing cut 90 degrees are popular cut to size products Allied Steel works with consistently; most importantly, these must be true and square each time it's cut. The most recent commercial project in Jersey City involving square tubing cut to size having additional fabrication of holes and hot dig galvanizing is an example of the overall metal fabrication services that we provide along with our saw cutting services.  
Quality square saw cutting of all products like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel tubing is part of the broad wide range of quality metal fabrication services offered at the Allied Steel Company. Aluminum structural products in various steel material grades, including 5052 and 6061, are requested more often. Our team is committed to delivering quality saw cut steel/metal products on time for every metal order. 
Whether a steel or metal client supplies material to be cut to size by Allied Steel Company's fabrication department or Allied supplies the metal products, everything is always accurately cut to size. Our team of highly trained metal fabrication experts are ready to serve you like no other steel fabrication metal supply company in the NJ/NY metropolitan area! It's that simple!! Meeting our customer's steel-cutting needs is what we do every day of the year. 
Consistent quality metal fabrication is the focus of the Allied team. Our metal fabrication cutting machines and cutting blades are inspected and maintained regularly to ensure the highest quality and consistent, accurate cutting of all structural metal products. Those metal products are most often comprised of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, Structural Steel Beams, and Metal Rectangular Tubing. The Allied team is laser-focused on customer service, providing the steel industry's fastest turnaround and response times. Quality steel/metal products, reliable metal fabrication services, flexible fabrication and delivery schedule that blows away the competition, and of course, the most crucial, on-time job completion and delivery to your door! 
In today's ever-changing world, obtaining your quality steel/metal products with on-time fabrication is more critical than ever! That's why NYC, NJ and NY contractors, construction companies, builders, and more acknowledge Allied Steel Company is where they want to do business, at the most reliable steel supplier in NJ/NY.

Our company slogan says it all, "You Have a Need, We Respond, The Job Gets Done!" Call or email our sales team today and experience the Allied difference!
Allied Steel Saw Cutting Products include:

• Steel Lintels
• Angle Clips
• Steel Flats
• Bollards
• Steel Beams
• Steel I-Beams
• Steel C Channel
• Steel Columns
• Steel Shims
• Steel Rounds
• Steel Flat Bars
• Frame Angles
• Steel Tubing
• Metal Tubing
• Sch 40 Pipe

• Sch 80 Pipe

• Galvanized Pipe
• Angle Iron
• Steel channels
• Rectangular Tubing
• Square Tubing

• Steel Brackets
• Steel Rollers
• Flitch Beams

• Flitch plates
• Split Tees
• Steel Girders
• Wide Flange Beams



"Allied Steel Company is recognized as New Jersey's most reliable steel supplier and quality custom steel fabricator. It doesn't come easy by any stretch of the imagination, but we are here for you!"


"Allied Steel, a steel fabrication company, who gets the job done on time and at competitive pricing. Our team of highly trained metal fabrication experts are ready to serve you."

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50th Anniversary, Allied Steel Company NJ, NYC, NY50th Anniversary, Allied Steel Company NJ, NYC, NY


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Steel & Metal Saw Cutting. Allied Steel Company, NJ, NY, NYC

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