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Video: Steel Flitch Plates and Flitch Beams. For Construction Companies, Builders & Contractors, Allied Steel, NJ #1 Steel/Metal Fabrication Company. The Best Custom Fabricated Flitch Beams

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Steel Flitch Plates and Flitch Beams Video. For Construction Companies & Contractors

Is the Steel Company your dealing with stuck in the past? Perhaps it's time you Upgraded to a Modern Company with state-of-the-art machinery (for your custom fabricated Flitch Plate/Beam)? Your upgrade to Allied Steel of NJ means you'll be dealing with an NJ Steel Fabrication company that employees only masters of the trade, provide superb customer service as well as super fast delivery. Order your Custom Fabricated Steel Flitch Beams and Flitch Plates from Allied Steel, New Jersey's Leading Flitch fabricator!

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Videos by Allied Steel Showcase 3 Flitch Animations To Better Understand & Visualizing The Different Types Of Fabricated Flitch Plates/Beams In Just 30 Seconds, See How Flitch Plates Works, How They Are Assembled & How The Combination Of Steel And Wood Combine To Make The Most Substantial Support For Different Lengths and Spans. Call Allied Steel Now, (888) 289-7833.


Steel Flitch Plate Steel-Wood-Wood-Wood-Steel
This option showcases utilizing individual Steel Flitch Plates and creating a finished Flitch Beam, significantly increasing the structural load strength of an existing wooden beam. For example, A typical home basement has the main wooden support beam that all cross beams sit on. In many cases, the main support beam is three 2x10 wooden members sandwiched together and held up by support columns every 8 to 10 feet.

The wooden support beam was designed to carry the existing structural load over the span or distance between the existing support columns. When a larger open area is desired with fewer column obstructions, removing one or more columns is an option. Still, in doing so, the distance or span between the remaining support columns will be much more significant, therefore creating additional structural stress loads on the existing wooden support beam.

Allied's Custom Fabricated Steel Flitch Plates will significantly increase the strength of the existing support beam. This additional strength is accomplished by sandwiching the existing wooden support beam with steel flitch plates on either side (steel/wood-wood-wood/steel) and then bolting each piece of steel and wood altogether. The resulting sandwiching of all elements creates a considerably stronger support beam or flitch beam to handle the structural load increase. Architects and engineers calculate exact structural load requirements.

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