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Steel Flame Cutting, Burning, Oxy Fuel Cutting Fabrication Experts- Allied Steel NJ, NY, NYC

Allied Steel Suppliers of Metal and Steel to NJ/NY for over 50 years, Industry Experts in Flame Cutting and Steel Burning of Carbon Steel Plate Products. Caring and detail for any job from a single piece to hundreds of pieces. State-of-the-art burning machines with the latest burning technologies burn plate thicknesses from 1/2" up to 6" steel daily. Special accommodations are provided for steel plates of up to 12".

Allied's extensive inventory of stock steel plates means super quick turnaround, production, and delivery of your custom steel products. How fast? Consistently outperforming the competition, provide us your detailed specifications. Allied experts will cut your custom steel shapes often in a single day! Your finished products, loaded onto Allied's trucks for same-day delivery to your business or job site.

Contact Allied Steel now for all your flame cutting or burning job requirements. Call 973 824-7347 or Email us at [email protected] specialist is standing by.

Video Steel Cutting, Burning, Metal Cutting and Fabrication By Experts- Allied Steel NJ Video Series

Construction Project Require Steel Cutting or Oxy-Fuel Cutting? Allied Steel Services Video Series shows you the way.

Flame Cutting, Burning, and Oxy-Fuel Cutting Fabrication services are a big part of Allied Steel value-added processes we offer to a wide range of New Jersey contractors and customers. Flame Cutting of steel, also known as Steel Burning and Steel Oxyfuel Cutting, is a process that is used often at our Steel Company. Oxy-Fuel Cutting is used to cutting steel plates and create steel products for various industries, including manufacturing, transportation, utility, specialty, restoration, and construction. These steel cutting methods utilize a mixture of oxygen and acetylene forced through a torch head under very high pressure.

The steel is quickly heated to temperatures over 2,800 degrees, which allows us to cut the steel into virtually any shape and size precisely. Just send the digital drawing of your body, dwg, or dfx file to our expert steel professionals, and we will load it into our CAD program and cut your part to size. If we/you don't have your part in a digital file, you can send us the drawing via email or fax, and we will draw it and create the proper CAD file. It's that easy.

• Metal/Steel Arm Support Plates
• Metal/Steel Machine Plates
• Metal/Steel Washer Plates
• Metal/Steel Splice Plates
• Metal/Steel Side Plates
• Metal/Steel Cover Plates
• Metal/Steel Drain Plates
• Metal/Steel Shim Plates

Our state-of-the-art flame cutting/burning machines can handle almost any size or specifications, including a cutting length of over 480" and a maximum cutting thickness of 6"! Allied Steel can and will meet most burning requests and requirements for our customer's and commercial and residential contractors' needs. Jobs can be anywhere from one single piece of a custom shape cut to your specs and size, or hundreds or even thousands of pieces cut to exact specification. Whether your order is for one piece or thousands, our response and care excel. Flexibility and accommodation are our focus to ensure you; our customer, has the best steel purchasing experience ever! Our goal is to guarantee that working with Allied Steel, a trusted steel fabrication and supply company that cares and understands the value of your time, ultimately results in your total satisfaction. You can be assured that intensive care and planning from scheduling, production, cleaning, and packaging allows us to consistently produce quality steel products that meet your needs, delivering satisfaction with every order.

Over 50+ years serving New Jersey, Allied Steel Company has built a stellar reputation as a highly reliable metal plate fabrication expert supplying NJ and NYC. Our slogan is how we operate. You Have a Need, We Respond, The Job Gets Done!

Contact customer service at Allied Steel Company for additional information on your steel cutting and burning job specifications.
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