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Over the last 50+ years we have worked hard on our visions and building the Allied Steel Company into New Jersey, New York and New York City #1 Best Steel steel supplier. All steel and metal services and machinery are located in a steel warehouse. As a highly competitive and custom steel fabricator with diverse metal fabrication capabilities we assure each order is completed to spec and delivered to your door or job site. Our Express Prime Delivery assures prompt on-time delivery of your steel and metal orders. 

About Us: Allied Steel Distribution Services NY, NJ, NYC, PA, Tri-State.
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Allied Steel Company, Steel/Metal Distribution Services NY, NJ, NYC, PA, Tri-State

Allied Steel Company has developed into one of the most reliable steel companies and steel/metal distribution services in New Jersey, supplying a broad range of Steel Products and Fabrication Services from our centrally located steel warehouse. Our growth as a steel supplier has been achieved by expanding our capabilities and focusing on being a reliable, responsive steel distributor. We strive to be a responsive steel distributor of quality steel products, including structural steel shapes, sheet steel, galvanized sheet, steel plate, and diamond plate, in addition to living up to our reputation of being the most responsive steel fabrication company servicing the NYC NY & NJ Tri-State area.

The Allied Steel Company's success story, from its humble beginning as a small job shop steel fabricator, and then emerging to become the NY/NJ/NYC #1 Best, most respected highest rated steel supplier. Our success stems from winning over steel customers, one after another providing extensive, top-flight distribution credentials. Allied's best-in-class service is supported by our fleet of delivery trucks and our Express Prime delivery services. Our quality steel products are shipped from our centralized our Newark, NJ warehouse.

In the "early days" of Allied Steel, we quickly realized that a dependable price-sensitive market was missing from New York, New York City and New Jersey. Allied Steel filled the niche, quickly becoming best in class with our track record of being the most trustworthy and reliable steel supplier. There was a deep chasm in the Tri-State area, and it was evident there was a great need for a responsive steel distributor and steel fabrication company. A steel distributor that could/would deliver fast custom completed fabricated steel orders within 1-2 days, direct to your door or job site. Over the last several years, we have worked very hard, constantly improving our fabrication procedures and enhancing our response capabilities as a trusted steel supplier to our valued customers. We are very proud of the performance and stance of our Steel company, now one of the best and most responsive steel distributors and steel fabrication companies in New York City, New York State, and New Jersey!

At Allied Steel, we discuss our passion as a critical ingredient to our success. Still, part of our vision of being the best steel supplier serving New York, New Jersey, and NYC is meeting our customer's expectations with every order. Allied Steel promptly was recognized for quality reliability! Service quickly became another critical component of our focus and helped design our road map in being recognized as a leader in the NY area steel and metal industry and as a responsive steel distributor and steel fabrication company! On-time deliveries and scheduled special delivery times are part of our everyday services that separate us from our competition. Going the additional mile, we also have Express prime Delivery for the absolute fastest steel and metal delivery service anywhere in the area.

Allied Steel Company is one of the only steel distributors serving NY area that offers special delivery hours for special projects from our warehouse just minutes from NYC. If our customer needs delivery at 3:00 am, we will arrange for that to be done and show up at the agreed-upon delivery time. Allied Steel has become the leader in providing responsive steel distribution services outside of regular business hours in NY, NJ, and NYC. Having a reputation of being a great steel company has taken many years of Allied Steel having to perform for our customers and delivering results that make a difference. Steel distribution and fabrication is no easy task when dealing with all of the industry's variables associated with being recognized as one of the best steel warehouses.

Allied Steel is always focused on the end goal, build a quality, reliable, competitive, responsive steel fabrication company like no other. That is what drives the management philosophy and company culture at Allied Steel. Our employees come to work every day with the common goal of working in a quality organization, one that is focused on being the best in it the Steel and Metal Industry. Setting up of our company's goals was priority one. We desired to be the best of the best in the Steel Industry. Become the #1 NJ steel warehouse, a reliable steel supplier, an NJ steel distributor, a NY steel fabrication company, and a responsive steel fabrication company. A reliable structural steel supplier and a quality steel supply company servicing New York, NJ, and NYC. Employees that care about the work they do consistently produce quality steel products have become the backbone of our culture and work ethic in our organization.

Allied Steel should not be mistaken for any other steel supplier, steel distributor, or steel fabrication company in New Jersey because we are much more than that! We Supply a bevy of steel and metal products, including; stock A36 steel plate steel, structural steel shapes, Steel and Steel sandwiched flitch plates, steel sheet, galvanized sheet, and steel diamond plate. The Allied Steel Company is well known as the highest-quality steel plate fabricator. Allied also provides a myriad of Steel and metal services, including welding and metal fabrication work across many industries. When it comes to shipping and delivering your orders, our Express prime Delivery service allows us to make special deliveries outside regular business hours! We are exceptionally knowledgeable in the sales and fabrication of Steel and can assist in estimating any metal projects. Allied Steel possesses a remarkable reputation as the best steel plate supplier. No need to worry; we can assist in deciding what Steel is most suitable for your job, as we can supply just about any steel or metal you may need, including A36 Steel and A572 50 Steel. Allied is more diverse and delivers more value-added fabrication services than other steel New York or New Jersey Steel warehouses and steel service centers. Allied possesses extensive experience as a sheet fabricator with various light and heavy gauge capabilities. We are the most trusted Steel fabrication company and a professional, experienced metal fabricator that produces many stainless steel and aluminum products.

Today, we are acknowledged in the steel industry as the best and most responsive steel fabrication company that serves the New York Metropolitan area. That recognition has resulted from persistence and hard work from all of our employees, especially our sales team that has over 135 years of combined experience in the steel industry. They have continued to build value for our customers by servicing them and sharing their extensive knowledge about Steel. We are a quality-driven steel distributor like no other. Our NJ-based steel company can't be mistaken for any other company due to the simple fact that we are like no other!

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Homeowner or Residential Steel or Metal Project? From the smallest to the largest or most complicated, Allied Steel is here to help! We supply custom fabricated metal and steel for your Home or Condo!

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Builders, Contractors, Commercial Steel or Metal Project? Allied Steel Custom Fabricated Steel, Aluminum, Metal for your projects. Size does not matter! As large as the World Trade Center, Hospitals & more!

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Allied Steel specializes in Custom Steel and Metal Fabrication. Any shape metal or steel, any size project. Allied is your place. Custom Fabricated Compnay. Supplying  hundreds of Builders and Contractors!

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