50 Year Anniversary Allied Steel Company NY, NJ, NYC

Over the last 50+ years we have worked hard on our visions and building the Allied Steel Company into New Jersey, New York and New York City #1 Best Steel steel supplier. All steel and metal services and machinery are located in a steel warehouse. As a highly competitive and custom steel fabricator with diverse metal fabrication capabilities we assure each order is completed to spec and delivered to your door or job site. Our Express Prime Delivery assures prompt on-time delivery of your steel and metal orders. 

Donald G DeFaria Sr, Founder Allied Steel Company

Donald G DeFaria Sr, born November 14, 1935, grew up a young boy in a blue-collar, working-class family in Newark, NJ, in the 1940s. He began his career as a young teenager working with masonry and then as a draftsman in NYC in the late 1950s. By 1959 he became an entrepreneur in the waste hauling business with his brother.

On July 28, 1969, he founded Porta-Can Steel, a waste container manufacturing company. Don built the container manufacturing business thru the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s with great success and then hit some tough times in the late 1980s, and that’s when his son Don Jr came into the business and started working with his father. Don Jr was highly influenced by his father’s vast knowledge and unmistakable work ethic and his underlying philosophy always to treat the customer as you would want to be treated. Don Jr continued to work and learn from his father and focused hard on building the steel company and gaining customer loyalty. By the mid-1990, Allied Metal Industries, also known as Allied Steel, was born. Allied continued growing thru the years but was met with tremendous challenges of the Great Recession of the 21st century (2007-2010) that threatened its future. During this period, Don Sr. continued to provide his wisdom, financial support, and daily humor. One of his famous reassuring quotes to Don Jr, while the company struggled through the Great Recession, was, “Don’t worry, kid, we will make it through this and be in the chips again .”Don Sr. ultimately provided great comfort, support, and stability to his son and the entire organization that was a significant factor in Allied Steel becoming a recognized leader in the Steel Fabrication and Supply business serving the NJ - NY Metropolitan area. This Portrait is in appreciation and recognition of the founding father and chairman of the board.

Donald G DeFaria Sr, Founder
November 14, 1935 – November 15, 2020

Allied Steel Company, NJ, NY, NYC.  Key Team Players, Staff

Don DeFaria Jr   - President & Chief Operating Officer. Allied Steel Company NJ, NY, NYC
Donald G DeFaria Jr
President, Chief Operating Officer

Donald G DeFaria Jr is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Allied Steel. Growing up as a kid, he was exposed to the business and the steel industry at a very young age.

He worked on the weekends with his father, who owned and operated a solid waste company and a steel company that manufactured steel dumpsters and roll-off containers. Throughout his education, he focused on Economics, Business administration, Accounting, Sales and Marketing, and Production Management. Soon out of college, he worked in the garbage company driving a Mack Roll-Off container truck in the early hours of each day.

Then working side by side with his father manufacturing roll-containers to finish out those days is how he developed his hands-on business knowledge and work ethic that has been the driving force of his success.

It wasn’t long before Don realized his true passion for the steel supply business and producing steel products. His father always had a simple but powerful philosophy, always treat customers as you would want to be treated. Don never forgot that and worked hard to grow the business over the years. He operated all of the fabricating equipment and machinery and was also a certified welder while building the company. He gained tremendous experience and knowledge of managing and running a steel fabrication and steel supply company during that time. By the mid-90s, the steel company expanded and broadened its fabrication capabilities with Don’s leadership and vision to be recognized by the industry as a responsive, reliable steel supplier and quality steel fabricator. Today Don enjoys working with the Allied team and building a quality organization.

Lou Calderon – Plant Manager. Allied Steel Company NJ, NY, NYC
Lou Calderon
General Manager

Lou Calderon is the General Manager of Allied Steel. He started his career in a very different business working on a soda delivery truck for a major beverage distribution company. Lou dealt with customers first hand every day, understanding their needs and ensuring they were satisfied with the products and service they were getting. Lou was very good with the customers, and he worked hard and quickly gained knowledge and experience with warehousing and product distribution. After only two years, Lou was promoted to Warehouse Manager and oversaw one of the warehouse distribution facilities in northern New Jersey. Lou knew how to run a clean, efficient, organized distribution warehouse and do it consistently while keeping costs down. He was recognized as a team leader and led his team to operate one of the best running facilities in the organization. A few years later, Lou was looking for a new challenge and came upon the opportunity to work with Allied Steel.

Allied Steel, at the time, was looking to bring onboard someone to help run and oversee the warehouse operations. Lou was introduced to the owner Donald DeFaria Jr. for the open position. After speaking with Lou and listening to how he runs a facility, Don quickly realized Lou was the man for the job. Lou came on board in 1996 and began working side by side with Don, learning all aspects of the business, including sales, purchasing, inventory management, equipment maintenance, distribution, fabrication, and operating all of the fabrication machinery. Lou applied his inventory control and employee management techniques over the next ten years and began fully running and overseeing the operations better than ever.

Since then, Lou has been a significant part of Allied Steel Companys' success, and his hard work and dedication have been part of the driving force that built Allied Steel into what it is today. Lou enjoys the diverse challenges of building a quality organization and looks forward to the opportunities ahead.

Dan Connolly – Sales Manager Allied Steel Company NJ, NY, NYC
Dan Connolly
Sales Manager

Dan first started in the Steel Industry in 1978, working for a significant steel distributor and plate processor in Northern New Jersey. He worked in the Shipping Department and began learning the business for four years. Dan gained tremendous knowledge about the various departments and how a steel company operates in a short amount of time. He was promoted to the Fabrication Sales Department, where he learned to read blueprints, do material take-offs, estimate labor, and price various steel and fabrication jobs. Dan quickly realized that sales was an enjoyable part of the business and made it his goal to work in sales. He first worked in fabrication and learned all about flame-cutting, plate processing, and different types of steel fabrication. He learned drafting and eventually CAD Drawing and continued to gain knowledge and grow as a professional.

Soon after, Dan was promoted to Inside Sales. He loved selling and soon would be the number one top-selling salesperson over the next ten years. He then was promoted to Sales Manager. He had learned everything he knew about steel and the steel business working with this company but saw things changing in the company and, after 28 years, felt that it was time to move on to new opportunities. He had a prospect with Allied Steel and was interviewed by the Owner, Don DeFaria Jr. As they spoke, Dan felt a connection right away with how Don operated his business and where he wanted to go with it. Dan wanted to be a part of his team and knew he could bring tremendous value to it. Don saw that Dan was a true professional and had extensive knowledge of steel fabrication. Together, they could grow the company and have long-term success. After nine years, Dan Connolly continues to oversee sales and improve operations. His hard work and dedication have helped grow Allied Steel into the #1 NJ steel company today.

David Villamar – Assistant Plant Manager. Allied Steel Company NJ, NY, NYC
David Villamar Assistant Plant Manager

David Villamar began working in the construction industry in the early 2000s, and as his career developed, he eventually was framing new homes and installing new roofs for almost five years. He always worked very hard, ensuring the quality of the work was at the highest standard and that customers were delighted. He then looked for more work opportunities and soon joined the Allied team in 2007. David began as a warehouse helper and quickly started learning the different skills needed when working for a steel fabrication and metal supply company. As days, weeks and months turned into years, David had moved up through all the training and experience and had become one of the best metal fabricators in the warehouse.

David was running our flame cutting and plasma cutting machines and involved in many other aspects of our operations, including distribution, loading, unloading trucks, operating our saws, cutting all types of materials. Always learning day in and day out, he continued to grow and eventually became one of Allied Steel’s top candidates for a new opportunity to work as an assistant Plant manager. David has now worked in the main office operations for more than five years, overseeing all distribution aspects, including vendor and customer pickup and deliveries. Additionally, he has worked his way into sales, now working with customers and doing a great job delivering consistent value to our loyal clients every day. He continues to learn and grow as a steel professional and looks forward to the future.

Lynn Turiello - Office-ManagerController Allied Steel Company NJ, NY, NYC
Lynn Turiello Controller, Office Manager

Lynn Turiello is the controller and office manager at Allied Steel. Out of college, She began working as a substitute teacher at various schools. She enjoyed working in the educational field and did so for years, but she was looking for a change and something more challenging as time passed. Around this time, Allied Steel was looking for someone to run and manage the bookkeeping and office operations but was willing to develop a person into the position. Soon after, the situation presented itself, and Lynn saw the opportunity and was eager to join the Allied Steel team.

She started working at Allied in 2003 and began her training and taking courses to enhance her knowledge and understanding of all of the different aspects of running and managing an office. From standard bookkeeping, accounts receivable, and accounts payable to working with insurance and sales tax, Lynn quickly learned the ins and outs of operating and managing an office and was running an organized, professional, efficient office within a few short years that impressed the owners. Since then, Lynn has continued to work effectively with all of the Allied Steel team and its loyal customers. Lynn continues to expand her knowledge of office administration and looks forward to the challenges ahead.

Nick DeFaria – Sales & Operations. Allied Steel Company NJ, NY, NYC
Nick DeFaria
Sales & Operations

Nicholas DeFaria works in sales and operations at Allied Steel. He worked for Allied as a janitor at a young age, sweeping the main shop, outside yard and cleaning the locker room. As he grew into his high school years, he went on to work part-time in the food and catering industry for over two years coordinating and delivering meals and equipment to parties and celebration events. He dealt with customers daily, gaining experience understanding their needs and providing them with excellent service. He also worked in a manufacturing facility responsible for organizing and executing tasks for maintenance and renovations during that period. Once a senior in high school, he realized he wanted to further his education. He applied to many schools and decided to go to college at The Ohio State University, where he specialized in business finance at the Fisher College of Business. Throughout his four years at Ohio State, Nick developed a great understanding of business and began looking for the right opportunity to grow.

After graduating college, Nick was offered the opportunity to work at Allied Steel and apply all he had learned. He began to work with his father and the team to know all the aspects of Allied Steel. Starting in operations, Nick started his journey discovering all the types of metals and steel fabrication machines, receiving training on all the different fabrication equipment, including Ironworkers, brake presses, shears, production saws, welders, and more. Nick was intrigued by all these business components. Nick realized his true passion for the metal supply and fabrication industry and learned quickly developed into an outstanding steel fabricator. He is currently working in sales and operations, focusing on customer service, production scheduling, and overseeing quality control, inventory control, and facility maintenance. Nick enjoys working with the Allied team and will continue to grow and to look forward to building a quality company and meeting the challenges ahead.    

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