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Plasma Cutting- Precision Cutting of Metals Including Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel at Allied Steel Company NJ/NY- Video Series

NJ/NY Top Steel and Metal Cutting Company
Services Video Series

Allied Steel new video library provides a visual means to exploring exploring the many Steel Products and Steel Services , using videos
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Metal/Steel Plasma Cutting, Allied Steel Video Transcript.

Allied Steel, is New Jersey’s most regarded and recognized Metal Supplier and Fabrication Company.
With over 45 Years of experience our expert staff will complete your Plasma burning, Metal Fabrication job exactly to your specifications. Our investment in current state of the art Plasma Cutting systems allows us to process just about any size, shape or thickness your job requires. Whether your Job calls for Metal Fabrication from Carbon Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel, we will deliver value!

Look no further, select Allied Steel for your Plasma Burning and Steel Fabrication services. Simply provide us with your detailed specs, no matter how complicated, Allied delivers with custom on time Fabrication and Plasma Cutting, when you need it, delivered to your door step! Trusted supplier of Metal Products fabricated to exact specifications!

Contact Allied Steel Now, experts are standing by to take your calls at 973 824-7347. Email us at [email protected], or simply submit your job requirements at website, www.alliedsteel.com

The Plasma Cutting process at Allied Steel offers an efficient form of cutting steel and other metals such as aluminum and stainless steel with ultra precise accuracy and with virtually a finished cut surface edge.

Using high voltage electric arch and high pressure oxygen, plasma cutting technology rips through steel and metal materials with ease cutting virtually any shape that is desired. Our plasma cutting machine works on a table 100” wide and over 42’ long and can cut all material grades:

Corten Weathering Steel grade
6061 Aluminum
302 and 304 Stainless Steel

Extensive List of Items, Steel and Metal Fabrication Process

We perform this fabrication process on various steel and metal products such as sheet, plate, diamond plate and structural steel shapes like angles, channels, I Beams, Girders, Flat Bars, pipes and structural tubing. Plasma cutting products like these to size and cutting holes and slots in them to meet the job specifications is what we do on a daily basis.

Some of the steel and other metal products Allied Steel Company produces:

Connection Plates
Anchor Plates
Flitch Plates
Bridge Plates
Flange Plates
Caisson Plates
Truss Plates
Machine Plates
Shim Plates
Diamond Plate
Diamond Treads
Diamond Floor Plates
Leveling Plates
Side Cover Plates
Drain Plates
Machine Parts
Component Side Plates
Base Plates
Connection Brackets
Custom Specialty Shapes And Truss Plates

Accurate Quality- Friendly Responsive Allied Steel Company NJ/NYC

Accurate finished quality products, produced to exact customer specifications and delivered on time with friendly responsive customer service, that is what Allied Steel is all about, at Allied is what we work very hard to assure we maintain this each and every job, for each and every customer. The same high level of service is offered to everyone, whether you need hundreds of pieces or just one piece, we'll plasma cut virtually any shape and size to meet your metal product needs. Allied Steel is known as one of the areas most trusted Fabrication center. Our Plasma cutting technologies delivers the highest quality products to our NJ and NYC customers, assuring that we consistently meet and exceeding your expectations with every order.

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