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Steel/Metal Sheet Fabrication – Sheet Metal Fabrication Experts, Allied Steel NJ/NY- Video Series

NJ #1 Steel Sheet Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication Company,
Products Video Series

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Video Transcript
Steel Sheet Bending Fabrication Video.

Allied Steel, is the #1 Steel Sheet Fabrication company in NJ! If your Job calls for Steel or Metal Sheet bending, Allied is the place to go! You provide the specs and Allied expertly fabricates your custom order on time and with no worries, conveniently delivered directly to your door step!Our Sheet Brake Presses have the capability to do all types of compound bends. Whether just a standard bend or more complicated U-Bending, Sequence Bending, Offset Bending or even Radius Bending, Allied’s experience and expertise assures your job is completed, precisely to your specifications each and every time.

Allied’s light gauge bending, perfect for jobs requiring such items as galvanized pour stop, stair pans, stair treads and diamond plate treads.Contact Allied Steel Now, experts are standing by to take your calls at 973 824-7347. Email us at [email protected], or simply submit your job requirements at website,

Sheet Fabrication - Sheet Metal Fabrication Experts, Allied Steel NJ/NY

Sheet Fabrication also referred to sometimes, as sheet metal fabrication is another value added service provided by the experts at Allied Steel. As trusted fabrication experts, Allied's professional steel sales staff responds and works closely with customers providing their expertise delivering a value solution for your steel fabrication requirements. Our steel fabrication company is equipped with all of the latest machinery to process your custom steel orders, from the multiple shear cutting machines, press brake bending machines, punch machines, plasma cutting machines, drills and other miscellaneous fabrication machines, we can provide our customers most any metal/steel fabrication options. Our extensive stock metal/steel sheet inventory consists of a range of sheet products from 22 gauge all the way up to 1/4" thick carbon steel, galvanized steel and diamond plate. Allied Steel Company additionally stock and can supply Aluminum sheet and Aluminum diamond plate products, all readily available for immediate on-site custom fabrication. These metal sheets come in a myriad of sizes, both in width and length, and are available in various steel grades including CQ (commercial quality), 1018, A36, 50 min yield and Corten weathering steel plus in aluminum grades including 3003, 5052 and 6061. 

Allied Steel, Your Go To Steel Company for Shearing, Punching, Bending & Formed Steel Shapes

Many of Allied metal/steel sheet fabrication jobs involve shearing, punching and bending steel sheet into precise required formed shapes, allowing us to produce finished components and products for various applications such as, Maintenance/Repair, Utility, Transportation, Manufacturing and Specialty industries. 

Some of the many different steel products we offer include:

Formed Angles
Angle Clips
Galvanized Sill Plates
Stair Pans
Support Channels,
Galvanized Pour Stop
Corten Cross Members
Stair Treads
Chassis Channels
Roof Bows
Cover Doors
Light Boxes
Corner Posts
Truss Plates,
Bumper Rails
Pipe Guards
Corner Post Patches
Curtain Walls
Side Channels
Mounting clips
Light brackets
Formed Hat Sections 

At Allied Only Expect Highly Trained Professional Steel Sheet Fabrication Experts

Our highly trained professional steel sheet fabrication experts, work long hours each and every day producing only quality fabricated steel products that meet or exceed you, our customers exact specification, time and time again. No matter the complexity of the job or the size of the project, Allied Steel is there for all of your sheet fabrication needs.  Our slogan says it all, “You Have a Need, We Respond, The Job Gets Done!

Don't wait; Contact Allied Steel now now for additional information on your sheet fabrication or sheet metal fabrication construction job.

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