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Plate Fabricator Recognized/Reliable Allied Steel- Video Series

Steel Plate Fabrication • NJ Steel Warehouse • Steel Fabrication Construction Job
Products Video Series

Allied Steel is creating an entire video library. Each video showcases a different aspect of our Steel Services and Steel Products with a video.
We are adding to our library of new Steel services and steel products videos each week, check back soon.
*This video will be replaced with informative Bending and Forming video.
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Steel Plate Fabrication Connection Plate Video Transcript

NJ Steel Warehouse, Equipped to Handle Any Steel Fabrication Construction Job

Allied Steels growth in the steel industry has been meteoric, were now highly regarded and recognized as a reliable Plate Fabricator of quality steel products with outstanding customer service in New York City and New Jersey. Our knowledge and experience working with and fabricating carbon steel plate spans for over 45 years. As a primary supplier of well-known projects such as the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and Freedom Tower construction in NYC, we understand critical deadlines and delivery schedules.

NJ Steel Warehouse, Equipped to Handle Any Steel Fabrication Construction Job

Allied Steel company is highly proficient and experienced working with material thicknesses ranging from 3/16 to 6 thick in various material grades of steel such as A36, A572, A588, A709, Corten weathering steel, A786 Diamond Plate and AR400. Customers that experience Allied Steel reputation as reliable, responsive, customer friendly steel suppliers and fabrication professional come back and reorder, time and time again.  Our centrally located NJ steel warehouse plant is equipped with all of todays plate fabricating machines, offering a wide range of fabrication options to both new and our existing loyal customers. Our wide range of services span everything from Oxy fuel burning, plasma cutting, flame cutting, punching, shearing, bending, to drilling and welding.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Services- Raw Steel Stock & Fabricated Steel Products

Along with our Steel Plate Fabrication Services, we provide Hot Dip Galvanizing Services for our raw steel stock and fabricated steel products, meeting the growing demand for different required material finishes to satisfy job specifications. Working with NJ and NYC Contractors and local businesses, Allied Steel fabricates a myriad of steel products:

Connection Plates
Shim Plates
Washer Plates
Splice Plates
Drain Cover Plates
Diamond Plates
Block Plates
Gusset Plates
Leveling Plates
Truss Plates
Flitch Plates
Caisson Plates
Bridge Plates
Diamond Floor Plates
Base Plates
Bearing Plates
Anchor Plates
Diamond Treads
Side Cover Plates

Other services offered by Allied Steel Company consist of, cut to size A709 grade 50 plates with Charpy v notch tests for fracture-critical applications such as for bridgework or high strength structural needs. Another construction project involved A588 grade steel also known and referred to as corten weathering steel grade, a carbon steel graded material that consists of increased copper, nickel and chromium elements that increases the corrosion resistance to atmospheric weather conditions and salt water. At our steel plant we also fabricate numerous flitch plates for new construction, restoration and renovation construction projects, supplying Contractors and Home Owners.

No matter what the need, Allied Steel is New Jerseys choice for reliable, quality plate fabrication work with great customer service. Get in touch now with Allied Steel and provide us with your steel plate fabrication needs and specs for quick service and friendly customer service.

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