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Metal Fabrication Experts- Fabricator of Metal Pipe Products for Hudson Count, NJ - Custom Steel Fabricator of Plate and sch40 pipe NJ

Allied Steel, New Jersey best and most reliable custom steel fabricator has successfully worked with and established continuing relationships hundreds of Hudson County NJ contractors for the last 50 years. Allied Steel Company continuously outperforms all of New Jersey's Steel and metal competition. Whether the competition are custom steel fabricators, steel warehouses, steel suppliers and steel distributors, Allied Steel continues to provide their best work in the quality metal products including; A36 black steel, galvanized steel, 1018 sheet metal, A588 weathering steel, stainless steel, A514 high-strength steel, aluminum and custom metal fabrication. One of the most compelling reason Hudson County Contractors abandoned the competition and came to Allied Steel Company is our excellent customer service and flexibility, given by our highly trained New Jersey expert steel professionals.

Our Specialty Metals and custom fabrication services have elevated Allied Steel Company into the most desirable of custom steel fabricators for Hudson County New Jersey. Our employees receive continuous training, they are independent and work hard to assure that they arefollowing correct operating procedures while maintaining quality control standards delivering the industries highest level of service. Hudson County, New Jersey contractors agree, Allied Steel Company, is a company comprised of only certified steel professionals and fabrication experts, experts that focus on providing the best, unmatched customer service.

For more than fifty years, Allied Steel has worked in Hudson County, NJ and been the top steel fabricator in the area. We are the obvious answer to the question that many contractors ask, which is “who is the best steel fabrication company nearest to me?” Even though our business continues to grow, thanks to referrals and repeat customers, we remain true to the belief that providing our customers with the best and fastest service is key. We are proud of the reputation that we have built in this area as the most dependable steel supply company and know that our customers trust us to provide them with quality service every time they order from us. When you want to work with a steel fabrication company that is dependable, reliable, and willing to do everything possible to provide you with quality products when and where you need them, then it’s time to check out how we can meet your needs.

Allied Steel offers a unique combination of operating like large distributors, steel warehouses and a large custom steel fabricators, yet providing competitive pricing, product diversity, fabrication flexibility and outstanding customer service. Allied excels when it comes to our most responsive customer service, simply put, our steel and metal company is better and more desirable than those other steel warehouses, fabricators, and suppliers. Allied Steel offers custom metal fabrication services and an extensive range of structural metal products, including;

  • A992 Beams
  • A36 Angles
  • Box Channels
  • A572 Channels
  • Hss Hollow Structural Sections
  • A500 Square Tubing
  • Galvanized Steel Lintels
  • Sch40 Lally Columns,
  • Sch40 Pipe Columns
  • Pipe Bollards
  • A786 Diamond Plate
  • 3003 Aluminum Diamond Plate
  • Stair Treads
  • Perforated Metal
  • Expanded Metal
  • Sheet Metal
  • 5052 Flat Sheet
  • 6061 Flat Plate

Hudson County Contractors have come to depend on Allied Steel Company's competitive pricing, fantastic product diversity, to spec custom fabrication, dependability and flexibility while assuring industry best responsive customer service like no other company! The bottom line, 100's of Hudson County Contractors, have voted by depending on Allied Steel over and over again, ignoring those other steel warehouses, fabricators, and suppliers and becoming repeat and happy customers.

There is nothing like knowing that you will have the custom steel products you need delivered to your company in a timely manner. While in the past you may have been concerned with finding a steel company that was not only responsive to your needs but also provided you with the help and service that you needed on time, when you work with Allied Steel you will join numerous happy clients who are having their needs met on time, every day. No matter whether you want pinpointed delivery times so you know exactly when your order will arrive or expanded delivery hours for an emergency shipment, unlike other steel suppliers, we are here for you. Thanks to our fast turnaround and professional staff, we can provide you with fast delivery, real-life location due to on-truck GPS, and 24/7 delivery options.

At Allied Steel, we provide a few different delivery options to our customers in Hudson County, NJ. For our NJ/NT steel customers who are willing to pay more to have complete control over when their delivery arrives, we are now offering Express Prime Delivery our expanded delivery hours are the best option. We are the only steel fabricator in the area to offer this service, which allows you to choose when you will have your shipment delivered to your location. Rather than wasting your time waiting for a delivery or worrying about whether you will have your parts on time, when you rely on us for fast turnaround times and customized delivery times, you can have the parts you need, when you need them, without delay.

Contractors of Hudson County Voted, Allied Steel, NJ The Preferred Sheet Metal Company, Steel Company & Custom Steel Fabricator.

NJ Custom Steel Fabricator - Plasma Cut Metal Products - Steel Distributors supplying NJ
Hudson NJ Custom Steel Fabricator, Flat Sheet & Plate - Plasma Cut Sheet Metal Products – Expert Steel Distributors supplying New Jersey Contractors

Allied Steel Company a company that is composed of professionals and steel specialists. As a family owned company we deliver metal products like the large steel warehouses and specialty metal distributors, but with the Allied difference. Our steel company outdoes the competition when it comes to custom steel fabrication and metal fabrication by providing superior customer service and the industries best response times. Allied has quickly surpassed those "Big Box" feel distributors, suppliers, warehouses and large custom steel fabricators that once dominated Hudson County New Jersey.

Our New Jersey based steel company has an in-depth knowledge developed from years of experience working with NJ Contractors , both residential and commercial, who require custom metal fabrication services. Allied Steel Company equates to quality metal products, a steel company that responds to Hudson County, NJ metal/steel needs. The hallmarks of Allied Steel are delivery flexibility and providing reliable service for projects that you just can't get from the "big name" steel warehouses, distributors or the large custom steel fabricator that serve Hudson County New Jersey.

Allied Steel is NJ contractors' choice; you too can enjoy the fact that we have become the steel industry standard, dependable, custom steel fabricator of Black Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum. New Jersey contractors and residential homeowners alike place their orders from Allied Steel for all their metal and steel needs, including; Flat Sheet, Flat Plate and structural metal products time and time again. There is no description our high level of service provided extends to both small jobs or larger projects; our steel experts work diligently day in and day out delivering only the best most responsive, most flexible, most caring, most professional service. Our loyal NJ-based employees are caring, easily surpassing all other suppliers and custom fabricators in Hudson County and the state of New Jersey.

Allied Steel Company is a profoundly reputable and trusted custom steel fabricator. We offer Hudson County Contactors and homeowners close to a half a century of metal fabrication experience and provide numerous metal products and metal fabrication services. Allied Steel Company supplied a comprehensive list of steel and metal for the Jersey City Police Station renovation project, including;

  • Structural Steel Girders
  • High Strength Steel
  • Wide Flange Beams
  • S-Beams
  • A588 Weathering Steel C-Channel
  • Flat Bar
  • A36 Angle Iron
  • Bollards, A500 Tubing
  • Sch40 Pipe Columns
  • 1018 Flat Sheet Metal
  • Flat Plate
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Diamond Plate
  • Stair Treads
  • Expanded Metal
  • Galvanized Sheet
  • Perforated Metal
  • And additional Formed Sheet Metal Products

Another Hudson County, New Jersey job was an emergency bridge repair project in the city of Secaucus NJ. Allied Steel Company provided 100% of the needed metal fabrication, including; sizable high strength structural I-Beams, Angle Brackets , Treadplate, Galvanized Angles and Heavy Metal A36 plates, best of all, we delivered the entire order that very same the New Jersey contractor placed the order!

Allied Steel Company also supplied the Lincoln Tunnel maintenance project with custom fabricated metal products like S-Beams, Corten weathering steel structural girders, Galvanized Steel Lintels, A588 Angle-Iron, Galvanized C-Channel, diamond stair treads and structural tubing plates.

Additionally, Allied was the steel company that supplied the metal products to the Hess Oil building maintenance and renovation project in Jersey City NJ. The order for this Hudson County, NJ project included; Steel Products, Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Brackets and Structural Shapes Including Wide Flange Beams, Flat Bar, Sch40 Pipe Bollards, and structural Tubing, Plus Bent A36 Metal Plates and Aluminum Diamond Plate.

Wide Flange Beam Supplier - NJ Steel Distributors Beams - Structural Girders - NJ Steel Fabricator
#1 Steel Supplier for Hudson County NJ - Custom Steel Fabricator of I-Beams NJ - Reliable Structural Steel Fabricators of A992 beams serving Hudson County New Jersey Contractors/Homeowners

At Allied, we make it our business to know and understand Hudson County New Jersey contractors needs; we cater to demands for a high-level knowledgeable custom steel fabricator, sheet metal fabrication and quality products originating from steel distributors, steel warehouses and custom fabricators. The changing times are changing contractor demands; there is a fast rising need for a local NJ diverse, flexible, professional, service oriented fabricators and suppliers to deliver. Allied satisfies those needs, even going beyond and offering NJ Contractors, residential and commercial first class service. Many contractors are quickly dumping and moving away from using the old traditional steel warehouses and steel distributors of the past.

Allied Steel is the choice for New Jersey Contractors, in business for 50 years and our list of satisfied Hudson County area contractors has grown into the hundreds. Our steel company satisfies the need for a local NJ trusted custom steel fabricator providing strong world class unsurpassed steel fabrication. With our fleet of delivery trucks, provide the best, on-time distribution throughout New Jersey. Contractors in Hudson County have moved over to our steel company, as we consistently outperform those "traditional" steel suppliers and specialty metals warehouses.

Hudson Exchange construction site in Jersey City NJ is yet another construction project we supplied the requirements of the entire job for metal products. The roster of goods was extensive and included high strength fabricated structural beams, A36 plate and pipe bollards.

Allied was the steel company for Hudson County's International-Matex Tank Terminal (IMTT) renovation and maintenance project in Bayonne NJ. Steel and metal supplied included; metal fabrication and structural metal products like A588 Corten weathering steel wide flange beams, galvanized heavy plate, galvanized steel C channel, flat bar, sch40 pipe bollards, A786 diamond plate, T304 stainless steel diamond plate and structural tubing.

Allied Steel Company was the company selected to supply a Hudson County Marine repair company. The project called for multiple fabricated stainless steel and aluminum metal products used at the Bayonne Dry Dock Terminal in Bayonne NJ.

Why use Allied Steel? As the areas expert metal/steel professionals we consistently exhibit the fact that we are more reliable, more flexible, more caring and more responsive than all other custom fabricators and suppliers. Nearly a half a century of experience in New Jersey means that delivering metal fabrication and outstanding customer service is now second nature. Allied Steel Company of New Jersey is consistently outperforming the larger steel warehouses, steel service centers and specialty metal fabricators in the Hudson County NJ area. Try us out and see why so many of the best and top Hudson County contractors recognize Allied Steel as the best steel distributors. Experience our flexibility and you will promptly understand why we are the most responsive and most reliable custom steel fabricator serving Hudson County New Jersey.

Contact Allied Steel professionals now for all of your Hudson County NJ Steel based projects.

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